The Truth Behind The Mask

I haven’t posted since the new year but here is why. This is me. Yup, here you go you get to see me in all my glory and my mess. The first image is me everyday, the image everyone see’s. While the second image is what people close to me see. Mascara stained tears are a regular mark on my face. To the rest of the world I am a strong and confident young woman, who has her life together. While in reality I can have up to four panic attacks a week.

I was hesitant about doing this post but today I realised that we shouldn’t have to present to the world a better version of ourselves. Plastered all over social media is perfect women and men showing the world how amazing themselves and their lives are. That is not reality. I feel as though we are going back to the old ways England used to be. The British were renowned  for putting on appearances. They would keep the skeletons in the closet and had dinner parties to make sure people knew how fabulous you are. As you were British, you got on with it.

But we are now in modern times and this is now transcended onto social media. Nobody is perfect. Even when you think they have an amazing perfect life there will be something that they are hiding behind.

Step away from the mask and do not be afraid to show the world the real you and your flaws. You are a human being.

Till Next Time,

T ♥



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