I tried and failed drastically

So last  week I posted saying I was going to change my life. Well I did….. only up until the night after I made the post. Here was the reason for my downfall.


The only ones I have kind of kept to is, writing my blog (as you can see) and learning a new language.

The exercising everyday, eating healthy and getting up early every week day was diminished by alcohol. I know alcohol was the devil’s spawn but I didn’t think it was this bad.

I came back from work on the Wednesday night to find some of my flatmates in the living room. As soon as I entered I was handed alcohol. Okay I thought maybe one before bed. A bit of a night cap. But then one turned into four and the night turned into half three in the morning. The next day I was hungover as hell and of course didn’t wake up early or go to the gym in the state I was in.

Thursday rolled around and I was determined to get back on track. I had completely forgotten that I was to attend a charity fundraiser where all the small prizes were alcohol. Great start there. I tried to resisit but they were doing two for one cocktails and they were so good I couldn’t help myself but get one. After the event my friends and flatmates decided we would make a night of it, first to a cocktail bar and then onto a club. In the club I paced myself and drank some water to try and keep my body hydrated so I wouldn’t end up feeling crap the next day. But when you have friends like I do drinking water is not permitted so for every cup of water I had they got me a shot and two drinks. You can see where this is heading.

Friday morning came around and my alarm went off at eight as I was going to join the rest of the country in black Friday shopping. As soon as my alarm went off I turned it off and went back to sleep. I had only gotten into bed at six so there was no chance on me running on two hours sleep. From then on all I wanted was sleep and junk food. The weekends were always going to be my cheat days where non of the rules applied but I have kept going since the weekend.

So I haven’t being doing well in changing my life but after all the hangovers I have started a new thing. Reading. Every single night at least one chapter. I am hoping that I can get my life back on track but I sprained my ankle yesterday so no gym for me until it heals.

How are your changes going? Better than mine I hope.

Until next week,

Toni ♥



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