How to not get bored at the gym?

We all go to the gym for different reasons. Weight loss, build muscle, tone up and general fitness. Some people go to the gym regularly and are extremely motivated but sometimes there will be days where you are just not feeling it.

Almost every person that I have seen is wearing some kind of earphones as the most popular thing to get rid of gym boredom is music. Most of the time it works for me as well. Got a work out playlist on and having a good run on thee treadmill for example. But when you have been on one piece of equipment for a good fifteen minutes it will start to bore you no matter how good the tunes are.

So yesterday my best friend and I came up with an ingenious idea that we wondered why we  had never thought of it before. While you are on a piece of equipment for a long time watch YouTube. The best thing to find a youtuber before you leave for the gym and watch a video or two of theirs to see if they create stuff you enjoy and make a playlist to watch.

Another thing you can do is watch Netflix. Most gyms now a days have wifi if you don’t have the mobile data big enough to stream an entire show. The good thing with watching something from Netflix is that if you want to be on a piece of equipment for a good half an hour and build up your stamina its perfect for an episode of a TV show.

But what if you are on equipment where you cant have a screen in front of you. Well something i can also suggest is podcasts. They can range from fifteen minutes to hours depending on the creator.

So how do you stop yourself from getting bored at the gym watch or listen to something you can get invested in. Get soaked up in the drama and forget where you are. But also please be careful. I don’t want you to completely forget where you are and fall off equipment and injure yourself.

So now off to the gym and watch some skins while i do so.

Till next week,

Toni ♥



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