Never host a house party

Missed  publish last week oops. But this was the reason why. I was dealing with the worst hangover of my entire life.

During the summer my flatmates had decided that we should throw a house party as a sort of welcome back to uni event. Somehow it got planned for the start of October as that was the only time we were all  free.

So the day of the house party arrived. We were thinking we would get a good twenty people or so. Which for the size of our flat was the perfect number. One of our friends was a Spotify representative and supplied us with speakers, balloons, lights, cups, glow-sticks and ping pong balls. The flat looked amazing.

We made sure our close friends arrived early and we begun to drink. The typical drinking games started everything off as there was a knock at the door every few minutes. Eventually we learnt just to leave it open to save us going back and forth as the living area is miles away from the front door.

The party was a hit and lasted till about 4 am when only a few people were left standing. Myself  included. We reckon we had about forty or so people in the flat at the peak. You seriously could not move. The living areas were full and the courtyard was full. People had started to spill out into the corridors and to the front of the building.

There was two things that annoyed me during the party. People asking me where the toilets are. We had clearly put signs on the doors that were bathrooms. The other was people trying to put their own music on. I would come back into the living area to find my phone unplugged from the system and someones in its place. To me that is just plain rude. The entire flat had made a playlist that consisted of nearly 200 songs that ranged from pop, dance and EDM. Any music we liked it went on the playlist. I think we only managed thirty songs at the most until people started interfering.

Any way. Back to why you should never host a house party. The morning after. I arose about half ten the next morning to find eight people in my lounge, two people in my flatmates bed, none of which were her and the most disgusting kitchen and lounge i had ever seen. There was fag buts in glasses, the floor was sticky. The entire place just stunk of alcohol and when you have a ranging hang over from hell the smell of alcohol is not what you want. It took us a good three hours to clean up but the carpet is yet to be treated as I remember several drinks being split.

Final note. Never host a house party. Go to other people’s but never host one of your own if you don’t want to deal with the morning after.

Because I missed last weeks entry I will upload another tomorrow.

Till Tomorrow,

Toni ♥


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