Making a bed canopy is harder than it looks

When you are little  you read and watch princesses have these amazing bedrooms. You dream of being a princess and you can’t be a princess without a canopy over your bed. These fantasies don’t go away when you get older. With Pinterest becoming so popular people are now trying to live out their childhood fantasies and make a canopy for themselves or for their own children. I mean look at them. I want one. Especially the ones with fairy lights. But this post is not about me wanting one. It is about my flat mate and best friend wanting and making one. With my help of course.

Cosy bedroom defo want the twinkle lights hanging from the crown above bed :) ♥♥♥♥: Add some string lights to create a whimsical effect for your bed canopy.:  20 Magical DIY Bed Canopy Ideas Will Make You Sleep Romantic | Architecture & Design:

The first step of making a bed canopy is deciding what design you want to have. As depending on what design you want tells you what parts of your room you need to measure. Now let me remind you me and my friend are students. This tells you a lot how this is going to go. We measured the walls that she wanted the fabric to cover and made sure it would be enough fabric to make the design she wanted. But while we were installing the canopy she then decided to change the design of it. We of course did not have enough material for what she now wanted. So we gave up and left it looking slightly odd. I will explain why later.

So when you have the measurements you can then go and get your fabric. Who knew finding the right fabric would be so hard. It should be an easy task just going and picking some white sheer fabric. But I had stupidly forgot  that my friend is a perfectionist. So we spent a good half an hour looking at white fabric. None of them were right apparently. Some were too opaque and others were not opaque enough. She eventually found the perfect fabric but it was above her price range. We are the typical always skint students. She eventually settled for some curtain fabric which came to around £13. The place we went to gave out student discounts. Winning.

Once home it was now time to assemble.We had got some screw hooks while we were at the fabric shop. So we proceeded to hammer them into the wall with frying pans. Yes you read that correctly frying pans. Then mugs and even at one point a torch. We are students we don’t own a hammer or any power tools. We managed to get one screw in after about two hours. By this point it was 10pm so we called it a night.

The next day she purchased some self adhesive hooks to try and make life easier. Attaching them to the ceiling and the wall was easy. But attaching the fabric was far less simple. Every time we hooked the fabric on it would slide straight off. We then had to result to super gluing the fabric to the hooks. This is when she decided to change the design which I stated earlier.  Once we were finished we had become so irritated by the fact it had taken us two days to put up this canopy that should have only taken two hours at the most. At that point we realised it didn’t hang right. But at that point we didn’t care anymore.

So what can you take from this if you want to make your own canopy.

  • Have power tools
  • Make sure  you buy more fabric than you measured
  • Don’t be as idiotic as us
  • Lastly have fun

Even though things did not go to plan we still had a good laugh and it will be something we look back on and giggle.

Till next week,

Toni ♥






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